Larsen 15th anniversary show. See you there.

15 years ago Larsen recorded its first full length album “No Arms, No Legs, Identification Problems” with Martin Bisi at his BC Studios in NYC, since then we have released 11 more albums, the latest being our collaboration with Nurse With Wound “Erroeneous, a selection of errors”, worked with some wonderful musicians and played almost all over the EU and US, so it is now time to celebrate!.

On the 19th of February we will play a special show at Teatro Astra in our hometown Torino in Italy as part of the Musica 90 series.
We will play 2 different sets: one spanning 15 years of Larsen music and one the first time ever that we will play all of our forthcoming album “Cool Cruel Mouth” , that as was the case for our previous “La Fever Lit” tour and album sees Little Annie as Larsen’s lyricist and singer.

will present itself as an eight piece line up featuring, further than Little Annie, our long time friends and collaborators Baby Dee, Jamie Stewart and Julia Kent. Baby Dee will also open the night with her haunting solo set and we are working on specifically designed lights and visuals.

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