former ghosts tour diary #1

the last former ghost tour diary that i wrote was about freddy trying to make out with people. but now he has a girlfriend. i suppose i could write about him making out with her? that is gross and kind of aggressive but might be funny. on the last european tour we did with former ghost, zola jesus and xiu xiu they both sat in the van or the clubs we played  and made out all day in front of everyone. that, i suppose, based on what your take on that sort of thing could be gross, aggressive or funny also.

last night we practiced in a soviet era tecno park in czech republic. i believe tecno park means office building. it is freezing in there and about half way through the practice a guy walks in and asks us who we are and why we are there. we think he is a serial killer. i have been trying to be less afraid of serial killers by watching serial killer documentaries but as you would suspect this is not helping me. he does not speak english well and we do not speak czech at all. we figure out that this is his space and we have to leave even though we were planning on being there for at least another 4 hours.  jakub our tour manager would not be ther to pick us up until then. considering the guy whose practice space we are in has no idea we are supposed to be in there, he is being pretty decent but making it clear he thinks it is bullshit we are there. if our show in prague tonight is ragged please forgive us. but i think we will be ok.

this leaves us three options. we can wait out side for 4 hours in the sub zero night and die. we can sit in the space while his “rock” band practices making them uncomfortable and us miserable and deaf. we can go to a bar.

the guy is nice enough to point us to the right part of town as we are in the middle of nowhere. while getting money from an atm to drink and wait we see a huge car accident happen about 30 feet from us. massive! crazy crushing sound. at that very moment a burst of wind shears through us and it feels like someone if grinding crushed glass into our ears. this moment is brutal and insane feeling. we hear a horrible sound and then the physical structure of our ears is ripped off as well.

we run across the street, past the auto carnage into “RODEO” bar which so so filled with smoke you can’t see everything. i am not used to this. freddy who has been in czech for a couple weeks already knew it would be this way. however there is a david bowie video marathon on the tv so we are ok. we talk about david bowie and have 3 pilsners each and a shot a whiskey. we are drunk. by then jakub texts us and tells us where he is. we stagger and scream through the evil night air and watch the joke police clean up the car wreck for a minute. we see another car parked on the side of the road running, with its lights on but no one in it.

we make it back to the tecno park and the other band who space we invaded help us carry our amps down the stairs. that is nice of them. i think i would have someone who was in my practice spot to fuck off but apparently i have a lot to learn.

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