former ghost tour diary #4

yesterday was berlin.  i saw kid 606 and sandra. who are also known as id 606 and sandra. andreas, our booking person, was celebrating his birthday in the same club where we were playing. jakub and i went to lush and bought him 7 bars of bougie soap so he will smell like he is in power over time and over the snow demon. the DJ was playing all kinds of motown and stax records after the show. i sat on a shelf and got drunk thinking that “this is one thing that america is radical at doing.” then somehow i started talking to myself and to some imaginary USA army cogs about how they did not have to waste their lives and kill people, that motown and stax are enough. i had a lot to drink.

today in leipzeg we yelled at a third wave tribalist waiter at a vegan restaurant because he would not let us wait inside until a table was free. it was raining outside. he was smiling as he said this and clearly was enjoying messing with us.

one thing i do not like about myself is that i go from 0 to fuck you! in about 1 second.  so immediately i am yelling at this burning man yuppie and luckily for me jakub feels the same way and he starts shrieking “fuck you fuck you” in this really high voice and we wiped a booger on the menu and walked out being informed that we were “never to come back here again!” true adults.

if i was more calm i could have just continued to stand in the restaurant and wait like ghandi would have done. he got a lot of things done and all i have is done is become banned from the vegan restaurant. but seriously though this guy sucks so i take it back, fuck him.

my goodness i am so angry all the time! in the shower i have conversations with people i am angry with. i wonder how many people i have been on tour with or lived have heard me ranting. lately i have talking in the shower with jesus llorente of acrauela records in mardid. he has a long history of not paying us (or a lot of bands for that matter) or outright stealing money from us but at the same time being really charming and actually funny so you really  think you are friends. the last time i was there was the proverbial last straw.

my father used to cry in the shower. actually howl might be a  more accurate way of describing it. when i was a child i would hear him throughout the house and wonder why and what was making this happen. as an adult i now know what was hurting him so badly but the intensity and uncertainty of his terrified human sounds i think will always be a part of me somehow.

speaking of which the sound man took at least 3 minutes to explain every single thing he was doing and why.

for example!-

“i am going to ask you to play the beats from the lap top and then if you would please play the snare drum but not the floor tom so i can balance the two different sounds and place a reverb on the snare drum that will give in dimension in this room and help to blend with the music from the lap top. so please play then OK?”

he gave as complete a dissertation for every single element of our instruments.

needless to say sound check about 700 hours but it did sound really good and really loud. asperger sound man away!!!!!!!

we are staying in a hotel room called “Renaissance” and there is a canopy over the bed and a dubious mural of adam from the sistine chapel on the wall. it so fantastically gay i can hardly contain myself.

kiss kiss kiss the finger of adam! t h e f in g e  r  o  f ad a   m

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