hi! in 1994 i was in a movie called ROD RHYEBOLD MUST BE DESTROYED! made by my good friend bob moricz.

it is now available at the link below. i remember it being insane and really wonderfully trashy and furiously dark.

quotes below-

“A DVD-r double feature of vintage 1990’s lo-fi underground films shot on Video 8 by Bob Moricz.

GUTWRENCHED (1991) is a slasher saga shot while the director was still in high school. ROD RHYEBOLD MUST BE DESTROYED (1994) is a road movie/revenge drama starring Xiu Xiu frontman Jamie Stewart as a disfigured former rock star. It’s equally inspired by the Beach Boys, Phantom of the Opera, and Ingmar Bergman.

NOTE: These movies were shot in the early 90’s on a medium called Video 8. The quality is rough and lo-fi, great for fans of the medium but not so great for those expecting slick Hollywood fare.

This ain’t Hollywood… it’s Bobbywood!”

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