former ghost tour diary #5

amsterdam today. the club was ass and the bouncers were true jerk off tough guy macho dicks but the audience was very nice and the promoters were nice.

in between was a day off and hamburg where we saw this yuppie fuck almost run over a guy crossing the street and when the guy who was almost hit got angry the yuppie fuck got out the car and tried to fight him but the other guy started choking him out in like one second. a woman from the “Jesus Center” ran out and threw her soda on them to make them stop fighting. which they did. she saved the yuppie fucks life. she ran back into the “Jesus Center” and he did not thank her. her soda is all over our van.

one remarkable thing about touring that i have not touched on as often as i should  is how varied in affect but consistent in insanity sound people are.

i think for the rest of this diary i will talk about every one we encounter.

tonight- a classic

the sound guy asks you your input list but when you answer him he has paid absolutely no attention and instead of asking you again just asks another band member.

an illustration from TONITE

sound guy, “what are you inputs?”

me ” we please need 2 lines out for the drum box, one mono line out for the synth, one mono DI box for the effects vocal, one dry vocal and one snare and one floor tom mic.”

sound guy, “so you need all this stuff with stereo DIs and i am not sure i can put mics on the cymbals.”

me “no we need…”

sound guy cutting me off says to freddy who was three feet away the whole time

“what is your input list?”

there has been a whole pineapple in the van since we started and i have no idea where it came from. when we got back to the hotel i took it to the hotel bar and asked if they would prepare it as it is my birthday. the bartender asked me if i wanted the chef to prepare it. i of course said YES PLEASE!. he took me to the kitchen and the chef very sweetly diced to perfect chunks and put it on a plate.

then the bartender gave me a birthday fresh mint tea.

THANK YOU!!!!!! bartender and chef!!!!

freddy and jakub have been off le chain funny today. a lot of people sent warm hearted emails. excellent birthday in the end.

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