former ghost tour diary #6

antwerp. hmmm…

well some shows just suck.

the sound was awful, most of the audience was awful. with notable exceptions, you know who you are. and thank you.

but despite all this freddy destroyed. he totally went for it, completely and full on. he was wonderful. it was a pleasure to suffer through this night with him.


sound guy chronicles-

another classic!

sound guy with audio engineering tattoo!

this particular one was of a VU meter. the thing about this type of sound guy, sean porter being the only exception (he has a sine wave tattoo)

is that these sound guys know that they have no idea what they are doing but get the tattoo to make the bands at their inept mercy think they are supra dedicated or something. invariably VU meter tattoo sound guy sets up at a respectable pace so you think, hmmm maybe the tattoo means something, but then once you start actually checking, he refuses to heed any of your requests not out of superior knowledge or stubborness but out of ignorance. he CAN’T do what you ask!

tonight was an amazing example.

i went out into the room to check the beats it the high mids were making my ears bleed.

i asked him to turn down a particular frequency which  would heal this audio gash and i watched him just randomly touch the eq but NOT MOVE ANYTHING!

he just put his fingers on random buttons and did not change anything!!!!!!

i was too flabbergasted to call him out on it.

they he followed up with the time honored sound guy classic response

“it will sound different when there are people in here.”

BULLSHIT!!!!!! there will way too much hi mid and the people in here will go deaf!!!!

JUST LIKE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!


my hotel room is really funny.

it is tiny, the size of a bed and it looks out onto other people’s apartments.

when my dad was in his early 20s he used to tour a lot and when they would drive at night past house after house, the light behind all the windows startled him in that they all represented an entire family wading through life. every night passing 1000s and 1000s of windows.


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