former ghost tour diary #7

sorry to have been away. no internet forEVER EVER.

i was going to write all about sound people but i have been on tour long enough that i dont care anymore.

we are in genova today. i have not been here since 2006 and the last time i was here i started throwing my cymbals into the audience and then picking them up and throwing them in again.

there was an entire issue of the magazine colors devoted to the male to female trans sex workers here. while we were walking to dinner we saw a woman who was probably 70, stoned out of her mind, huge gray poof of hair, tight blue shirt and a short skirt with a a huge hole cut in the front over her naked vagina. she was toothlessly soliciting for sex.

kim il sung and kim jong il, the father and son dictators of north korea have this system called “mansions corp” wherein 13 to 18 year old girls and women who go and live at the palaces scattered all over north korea to serve the great leaders sexual whims. they are instructed in groups in the particular proclivities of the fatherly leaders and all begin as virgins. frequently they are taken from school one day, picked up in a mercedes without notification to their families and begin their task. their families look all over for them and are eventually told, usually months later that their daughters are a special dance troupe and the family get a cash bonus. after they turn 20 or 21 they are then married off to government officials.

tonight our dinner was amazing. what a world, what a world.


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