for fun slash class

Dear YOu,

I did a Creative Commons project for class and was thinking that it would be fun to get some strangers online interaction for a part of the project. So this is pretty last minute but if you are bored this weekend, and want to take this song below–(had vocals on it before, but took it out) which is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-SHareAlike Noncommercial license, (, and remix it, sample it, or put vocals on it, or whatever, and send it to me at, i would love to hear it and possibly share for my presentation in class wednesday.

oh and i will also post them for others to see!

Just to clarify, this is not a schwee thing, but just a personal project. i won’t be using it for commercial purposes, and will be properly attributing you. You aslo may not use the song below for commercial purposes and must share alike.

Thanks all and looking forward to hearing from yall!
D original by Angela hh Seo

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