bird list of guyana

bird list-

crested bobwhite (!)
muscovy duck (!)
buff necked ibis
green ibis
black crowned night heron
cocoi heron
snowy egret
maguari stork
wood stork
capped heron (!)
rufescent tiger heron
striated heron
tricolored heron
tropical great blue heron
yellow headed caracara
laughing falcon
turkey vulture
black vulture
snail kite (!)
black colored hawk
road hawk
orange breasted falcon
bicolored hawk
northern crested caracara (!)
red-throated caracara
zone tailed hawk
white tailed hawk
savanna hawk
swallow tailed hawk
peregrine falcon
aplomado hawk
hoatzin (!)
little chachalacas
crested guan
piping guan
black curassow
pied plover
southern lapwing
wattled jacana
semi palmated plover
black legged sandpiper
large billed tern
pale vented pigeon
scaled pigeon
band tailed pigeon
common ground dove
ruddy ground dove
blue and yellow macaw
red and green macaw
scarlet macaw (!)
red bellied macaw
red shouldered macaw
blue headed parrot
dusky parrot
orange winged parrot
yellow crowned parrot
mealy parrot
festive parrot (!)
brown throated parakeet
painted parakeet
green rumped parrotlet
striped cuckoo
little cuckoo
squirrel cuckoo
black bellied cuckoo
great horned owl
great potoo (!)
nacunda nighthawk
lesser nighthawk
ladder tailed nightjar (!)
white chinned swift
racket tailed coquette
blue tailed emerald
glittering-throated emerald
blue chinned sapphire
green breasted mango
gray breasted sabrewing(!)
blue tailed emerald
black eared fairy topaz(!)

rupurumi hermit
amazonian white-tailed trogon
amazonian violaceous trogon (!)
white necked puffbird
green tailed jacamar (!)
amazon kingfisher
green kingfisher
american pygmy kingfisher (!)
black nunbird
chestnut-tipped toucanet
white throated toucan (!)
channel billed toucan (!)
black mandibled toucan (!)
guianan toucanet
collared aracarie (!)
many banded aracarie
little woodpecker
blood colored woodpecker(!)
lineated woodpecker (!)
wedge billed woodcreeper
buff colored woodcreeper
straight billed woodcreeper
crested spine tail
yellowchinned spine tail
barred antshrike (!)
black crested antshrike
guianan streaked antwren
northern white fringed antwren
black headed antbird
wing banded antthrush
yellow-throated antwren
white crowned manakin (!)
golden headed manakin (!)
vermillion flycatcher chat-tyrant (!)
tawny breasted flycatcher
yellow bellied elaenia
rufous crowned tody flycatcher
common tody flycatcher
black headed flycatcher
painted flycatcher
white throated tyrannulet
yellow crowned tyrannulet
gray kingbird
tropical kingbird
rusty margined flycatcher
white bearded flycatcher
white headed marsh tyrant (!)
pied water tyrant
lesser elaenia
fork tailed flycatcher
tropical mockingbird
black capped donacobius (!)
white winged becard
screaming piha (!)
rose collared piha (!)
guianan cock of the rock (!)
capuchinbird (!)
white thighed sparrow
barn swallow
black collared swallow
white banded swallow
white winged swallow
gray breasted martin
bicolored wren (!)
house wren
pale breasted thrush
rufous browed peppershrike (!)
red eyed vireo
lemon chested greenlet
black and white warbler (!)
capped conebill
bicolored conebill
red-legged honeycreeper (!)
purple honeycreeper (!)
green honeycreeper (!)
blue dacnises
blue necked tanager
burnished buff tanager (!)
violaceous euphonia
finsch’s euphonia
palm tanager
blue gray tanager
silver beaked tanager (!)
red shouldered tanager
buff throated saltators
plain-colored seedeater
yellowbellied seedeater
chestnut bellied seedeater
wingbarred seedeater
black and white seedeater
rufous crowned sparrow
red capped cardinal (!)
smooth billed ani (!)
greater ani (!)
yellow oriole
carib grackle
great tailed grackle
shiny cow bird
giant cow bird (!)
green oropendola (!)
creasted oropendola (!)
yellow rumped cacique (!)
red breasted black bird (!)

i did not take any of these photos as my camera is a tiny smurf, but the generosity of le search spider provides thrilling exampleS as noted by thee (!).  it is hard to pick a favorite so do not miss the ANY OF THEM bird!!!!!! 2 Xz






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