ok bothers and sitters, DIG IT!~

at the YMCA today. lifting weights (yeah butch jenny! oh wait please call me butch jenny from now on, for real)

listening to savage love podcast and dan savage tells this young transvestite who lives in kansas but obviously hates it blah blah blah but is leaving in 2 years when school is over, to just get as much out of kansas as possible right now cuz you are stuck there now but you are NEVER GOING BACK.

so go for it deep in what kansas has.

so, DURHAM/DURHOLE an internal truce, you win, your middle of the road, anti adventure family oriented balls deep dullness frat monastery has infected another convert! ME!

i am going to just fucking go for it all you mutha slut! there are 4 things i like about you

cosmic cantina mexican restaurant, the bar whiskey, the YMCA and the dyke dance club steele blue.

tonite and today i am going to go to all four places and FUCKING DO IT UP!!!!!!!!  durcock style!!!!!!

the terry cloth veil is lifted and now i can get on with my stultifying life here! but with great and profound and honorific and imperial and undrinkable because it gives you diarrhea tap water love! DURHAM ROCKS I MEAN YOU DOES ROK & FIND YOUR COOL I MEAN YOUR COAT!

oh snap i also like the watermelon here but it wont be in season until next month. then fucking AAAAAAAA hole

WATERMELON PLUS STEELE BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!! i am going to roll a huge water melon on the dance floor and fuck until they kick me out and then i am going to try it again next weekend!


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