i love abortion sticker

are you in the mood to piss off the G.O.P. and the evil nut ball right wing?

are you in the mood to exploit the inherent tragedy of human sexuality for the sake of a huge FUCK YOU?

then please order an~

adhesive sticker!!!!!!!!!

DO NOT PUT THEM ON YOUR OWN CAR! because someone will probably assassinate you!

however please do put them on any hummer, SUV, red pick up truck, mini van or faded american luxury sedan you see!

please do put them the window of any insane community center, conservative church or “right to life”, tea party, republican office you see!


but be careful because as you know these idiotic hypocrites will KILL YOU! for doing this.

A PACKAGE OF 3 stickers or 30 stickers for TRUE BELIEVERS (bottom)

USA $2 (includes shipping) 3 stickers

INTERNATIONAL $3 (includes shipping) 3 stickers

TRUE BELIEVERS PACKAGE OF 30 stickers $18 (includes shipping)

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