xiu xiu on american dad (perhaps)

“Stan is trying to get President Obama to poop in a pool, so people stop making fun of him. In order to get access to Obama, Roger (the alien) dresses up as an adopted Somalian girl (I am nearly positive they said he was adopted from Somalia in this episode) and gets a full ride to Obama’s daughters’ private school. When Roger walks up to Obama’s daughters he starts talking about the different bands he likes and includes Xiu Xiu as a band he likes (and he pronounces it “Shwee Shwee”). Did you know “Shwee Shwee” is listed in Urban Dictionary? Shwee Shwee”

from my pal A.J.S.

the title of this episode is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/An_Incident_at_Owl_Creek“An Incident at Owl Creek”

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