DhURuhm? more than EVER this is a mid atlantic towne that they forgot to bomb! come come nuclear whar!

across the street from this

is the jail.


which is next to the durscab performing arts theatre.

who is the in jail?


do you know why this is possible? white indie rock complacency drives this fucking cigarette burn of a towne, that”””’s why.

fake everything, fake history, fake bass ball, fake irish bars, fake post genocide culture, fake mHusic, fake find your cool, fake weekly newspaper, fake the FUCKING BALL TEAM MASCOT OVERLOOKS CURRENT AND PAST BLOOD THIRSTY LUNG CANCER Dollar &&&&&& thy INDUSTRIAL PRISON COMPLEX AT THE SAME F-ING TIME!!!?!?!?!?!?

and yet you love it here?

if you see anyone on the street assume they wish you were dead,

breathe in to paralysis MORE THAN EVER!!!! HOW IS IT THAT YOU ONLY MAKE HATE GROW? stunning… ability…. to find your cool, but you, can””””’t you are blind


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