today. blister in the sun over phone via florida. thank you. amazing.

i drove 4 hours to the outer banks, which is one of the beach sectors in north carolina, to go bird watching.

bird list~

numerous gulls

white pelican right next to whistling swan, foraging together (this was the highlight)

double crested cormorant

canada goose

snow goose (about 300 assembled by the road)

black duck


american widgeon

pintal (at least 1000 at an inlet)


redhead duck

turkey vulture (love of my waning life)

sparrow hawk

cattle egret

common egret

louisiana  heron

great blue heron

white ibis


piping plover

black skimmer (!!!!)

white throated sparrow

mocking bird

this part was wonderful, esp. the pelicans and swans.

there was a dead jelly fish on the beach and totally flattened turtle on the road with its claws sticking out.

mosquitos thwarted further exploration.

anytime, of which, since i have traveled to kenya, guyana, india and moved to the FUCKING LAME ARSE carolinass, i have been beset upon by mosquitos, i have always viewed as some kind of failing of humanity, that we have done something awful to deserve them. it makes me feel disgusted and angry. (but i’m drunk)

in the midst of being enchanted by avian beauty, i spent the day swatting away the true death eaters  and being both elated and furious.

the back woods part of north carolina are terrifying. you never feel relaxed. you feel like something wants to kill you and in truth, between fucking KKK drones following you around at the gas station and the aforementioned malarial CIA drones even at the BEACH IN DECEMBER!?!?!?!?!, something does.

then i saw “the skin i live in” which was pointedly one of the most remarkably works of art of all time.

we talked on the phone. how did you get my number? who are you? you are nice.

today was very confusing and i felt like some kind of real living. this is stupid to say. oxoxooxoxoxooxox0xoxooxoxoxoox



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