in the parking lot of the strip mall santa muerte temple in my neighborhood, a bicycle cop was shooing away a sex worker. he would ride very slowly behind her and flick his hand like he was herding a cat. she would talk about 4 steps and then stop and he would roll along and make the gesture again. she would again walk about 4 steps and then stop. i did not see if he ever got her to leave the parking lot or if she got him to give up.


Eugene Robinson/Oxbow + Jamie Stewart/Xiu Xiu have a band together and it shall be known as SAL MINEO



MUSIC: Jamie


01/02/13 Berlin, DE CTM Festival w/ Dean Blunt
02/02/13 Nurenburg, DE K4
03/02/13 Brussels, BE Les Ateliers Claus
04/02/13 Paris, FR La Fleche D’Or
05/02/13 Copenhagen, DK Huset KBH
06/02/13 London, UK Cafe Oto
07/02/13 Milan, IT Magnolia
08/02/13 Rome, IT Init
09/02/13 Bologna, IT Lokomotiv Club  


album out on IMPORTANT this spring


stop keystone pipeline: the earth needs you

The proposed Keystone XL pipeline would transport raw, toxic tar sands oil right through the American heartland — from Alberta, Canada to refineries in Texas — and threatens to wreak environmental havoc on both sides of the border.

Spills are inevitable and factored in as part of “business”. The oil industry makes money on destroying the environment. They do not care about you. Show them you care about your world.

Take Action Now
Take action to stop the tar sands pipeline!