today david horvitz told me that he had a friend who was on a boat and getting drunk with some buddies when a manatee floated along side of them.

the drunk friend declared he would jump onto the manatee and ride it

the other friends said, “no no you will get hurt or hurt the animal!”

the drunk friend said, “no way! i am jumping on it right now!”

he leapt over the side of the boat, but he jumped THROUGH the manatee. 

they had not realized it had been dead for weeks.

this is only photo of david and me together where we are not eating something or he is pissing on my feet.

taken by angela before udon feast in little tokyo.


US tour dates w/swans and ruminations on la xiu


xiuxiu is formally evolving or devolving into the Cerberus. (i wish more than anything that there was a cat version of this monster.) we have always had little one night stands to exercise our aesthetic sluttiness, but it seems to be turning something more serious and semi regulated, something we feel we have to introduce to mom.

for the time being there will be three permutations of xiuxiu.

one that makes records and tours that feature songs with singing. (e.g. angel guts: red classroom/a promise)

one that composes music for dance, opera and performance art (e.g. up coming residency at the kitchen with danh vo/upcoming opera with vaginal davis)

one that plays ultra minimalist death drone. (e.g. farewell cassette/upcoming collaboration with merzbow)

this last one will be the beastial head that is played opening for the swans on the tour dates below.

the goal of the band has always and will always be trying to make music that a listener can get something from by attempting to be as honest as possible about who we are (or think we are) and by writing about what is happening to people we care about at that time. the music that we are going to be playing on the swans tour will be different than we have played on a tour before. if you are into it or not into it, either way, know that making something for you is why we exist.

6/17/2014 Quebec QC Le Cercle
6/18/2014 Montreal Qc Theatre National
6/19/2014 off
6/20/2014 Toronto ON NXNE Festival
6/21/2014 Detroit MI St Andrews Hall
6/22/2014 Chicago IL Lincoln Hall

6/23/2014 Chicago IL Lincoln Hall
6/24/2014 St Louis MO The Ready Room
6/25/2014 Off
6/26/2014 Dallas TX Trees
6/27/2014 Austin TX Mohawk Austin
6/28/2014 Houston TX Fitzgerald’s  Upstairs
6/29/2014 Off
6/30/2014 Nashville TN Exit / In
7/1/2014 Charlotte NC Neighborhood Theatre
7/2/2014 Louisville KY The New Vintage
7/3/2014 Pittsburgh PA Rex Theater
7/4/2014 Off
7/5/2014 Buffalo NY Tralf Music Hall
7/6/2014 New Haven CT Toad’s Place