western US/canada tour w/ circuit de yeux and New video for silver platter


by Michael Carter

thee follwing shows will be with shayna and jamie playing new xiu xiu songs

circa 2014 and very old xiu xiu songs

circa 2002-2004.

Jul 29 The Echo
w/ Circuit des yeux,…
Los Angeles, CA
Jul 31 The Atrium at The Catalyst
w/ Circuit des yeux
Santa Cruz, CA
Aug 01 Bottom Of The Hill
w/ Circuit des yeux, Father Murphy
San Francisco, CA
Aug 03 The Doug Fir Lounge
w/ Circuit des yeux
Portland, OR
Aug 04 Biltmore Cabaret
w/ Circuit des yeux
Vancouver, Canada
Aug 05 Barboza
w/ Circuit des yeux
Seattle, WA
Aug 06 The Crux
w/ Circuit des yeux
Boise, ID
Aug 07 Kilby Court
w/ Circuit des yeux
Salt Lake City, UT
w/ Circuit des yeux
Denver, CO
Aug 09 Sister
w/ Circuit des yeux
Albuquerque, NM
Aug 10 The Crescent Ballroom
w/ Circuit des yeux
Phoenix, AZ

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schrei x

my 5 year old nephew and i were playing video games and listening to music on shuffle.

diamanda galas came on.

he said, “this sounds like zombies and babies crying.”

i said, “is it too scary?”

he said, “no, i like it.”