BLACK dick video


if you are over 18, here is a link to the video for the song Black Dick from Angel Guts: Red Classroom

as it is too explicit to be hosted on a music site, fair warning, this link will take you to pornhub

polyvinyl records and bella union records are not associated with this video


note: to my astonishment and disappointment at the raw dumbness of some people, there has been mention of this song being racist. if you don’t think it is, please do not demean yourself by continuing to read this. if you do, here is a hand holding and knuckle heads explanation.

(imagine this is a slow and very clear voice) this is a song about-

being fetishized, fetishizing other people, enjoying the power of being a sexual object, wondering if that is good for you, enjoying the thrill of finding an ultra specific desire, wondering if that is acceptable, feeling ashamed of one’s body, feeling love for the desirability of one’s own body, feeling ashamed for objectifying a person’s body part, feeling fulfilled by someone who is cranked up by being objectified, feeling fulfilled by someone objectifying you in the bedroom, being proud of who you are, being afraid of what you want, being unafraid of what you want, considering, all the while, is this good or bad and not knowing if you care?


NIH NIH is a book of drawings of knives and haikus about nihilism and hopelessness. it is by artist denise schatz (drawings and photos) and xiu xiu singer jamie stewart (haikus). there is a poster insert by casey cook.
it is an edition of 100, beautifully printed and beautifully type set apropos of the last thing you will ever see.

available here NIH NIH miniature garden

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